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                                                             ISSUE 80 - December 2015 - Winter Solstice

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Table of Contents:

Message from Francesco

Qigong Study Trips 2016 - Italy - China - Thailand - Bhutan

Organ Cleansing Qigong Instructor Certification 2016

Daisy Lee - Radiant Lotus Qigong Workshops

Qigong Practice Tip of the Month (Members Only)
Dreaming Awake Guided Meditations
WujiTech Personal Brainwave Feedback

Message from Francesco

Happy Holidays!
I trust this finds you well and smiling on maybe the most powerful day of the year for me, the Winter Solstice. Such a symbolic day... the "shortest" day of the year, the beginning of Winter's Yin healing phase.  From this day on to the Summer, each day gets a little longer here in the Northern Hemisphere.  Light is brought into our spirit so that "Yang" aspect of "Yin" emerges through our time of inner reflection and intention-setting for the New Year.  For our friends in the Southern Hemisphere, Summer is moving into high gear, but visions of all the New Year will bring in is shared...
Today was a particularly good day because I flew into New Jersey to visit my parents again, my second time here since I last wrote about them in Breathe Deep.  Thank you all for your prayers and good energy as my Mom and Dad are doing amazingly well.  After working hard to get my Dad off some damaging narcotic protocols that the physicians insisted upon... and working some practical Qigong healing techniques on both my Mom and Dad, you would hardly imagine that these two people I sat with tonite at dinner were even the same people from earlier in the year.  I'm really proud of them for taking responsibility for their health and for facing how important it is to set positive intentions and self-image into motion.  We talk a lot about Qigong and energy healing principles and now in their mid-80s, they are putting it all into action because they want to live and enjoy life...
I also had a fun conversation with the young Chinese man who drove me in the airport limo today... He's been in America for three years with his parents and loves it here.  It turns out he is from the same province as Master Wan Sujian (our host in Beijing for our annual China Qigong Trips) so I had fun speaking a little Mandarian with the driver about this and about Qigong and ancient Taoist philosophy in general.  Suffice it to say he was a little shocked and surprised throughout our conversation and he told me at the end with deep sincerity that he was so grateful for all he learned about his own country!  We can never fully fathom how we shift the matrix of energy on this planet by traveling and evolving cultures in the process... this is how the Earth will truly heal... opening one heart at a time... trusting to open yours even when you may not think it makes a difference... Trust your intuition to extend your Heart Qi Field - especially in this hoiday season and especially when the media plays on fear... Intuition builds when Fear is transformed as they are inversely proportional... Breathe...
Thank you again for supporting Breathe Deep… and be sure to enjoy this month’s Qigong Tip by scrolling down below… and check out our upcoming Study & Healing Trips for 2016... and our Organ Cleansing Instructor Certifcation. I wish you well with your Qigong practice and all you do to help inspire positive energy in your Dreaming... Blessings to you, your family, and loved ones all ways...

Remember that when you visit you have a Username, so be sure to log in with it to get the benefits of that cool, online community and be able to access the "Qigong Practice Tip":

Qigong Study Trips 2016 - Italy - Thailand - China - Bhutan

I hope you can take the opportunity to join us on these amazing journeys and study Qigong, meditation, and a variety of other mind/body healing techniques.  This year will take us back to Italy, Thailand, and China.  I'll be announcing the specific dates very soon so be sure that you are a Member of our Study Trip Community as updates will be sent out to that community first as a courtesy... and then I will make the announcement here in the next Breathe Deep.  If you feel that this is YOUR TIME to experience what over 700 people over the past 20 years who've come on our Trips have felt was a "life changing" journey, please read on and check out the awesome itineraries available for Members Only at the Qigong Study Trip Community at

Click here to learn more and let us know you want to join

...and remember that if you received this newsletter directly, you are now a Member of in the Breathe Deep Newsletter Community... so if you log in there with your Username -  %username% - and Password, just click on "Join More Communities" to join our Qigong Study Trip Community if you are not already!

Several people have been asking me about leading another Trip to mystical Bhutan as the last group I brought there had such an amazing time.  After doing months of planning and research, I am quite sure we will lead an amazing and healing journey there in 2016 and we will have the Bhutanese Rimpoche that I sponsored at the request of the Royal Family many years ago as our guide.  Make sure you are a Member of the Qigong Trip Community as I will be keeping everyone updated that way.

Whether it is to develop your own personal skills or to strengthen your healthcare professional offerings (we do provide Certificates of Completion for the training hours you receive), these trips give you something that others can sense once you return... and since our trips are fund raisers for our non-profit Kahuna Valley organization, 60% of your cost is totally tax deductible, sanctioned by the IRS - so take advantage of this saving too.

Organ Cleansing Qigong Instructor Certification 2016

Typically, Daisy and I only offer one Organ Cleansing Qigong Instructor Certification Training each year, and it looks like the one we will be holding for 2016 will be in May.  We are currently working on the specifc dates for this 4-day Northeast U.S. workshop.  We have decided to extend this training to four full days to help take this empowering experience deeper for those who wish to add this Certification to their teaching reperitoire.  We are honored by the 120 Certified Instructors around the world who met the prerequisites to teach this effective Qigong form.  If you are interested in being part of this small-group workshop, please click here to let us know through our QigongTracker self-assessment.

Daisy Lee - Radiant Lotus Qigong Workshops

For all of you following Daisy, you know she has healed amazingly well from her challenging accident this summer and she is preparing for an exciting 2016.  Check out Daisy's website to learn more about her upcoming classes...

Be sure to visit Daisy's Calendar Page on

The RLQ program is an empowering Qigong that can help to prevent as well as treat numerous health conditions unique to women such as menstrual cramping, low back pain, breast tenderness, tumors, cysts or fibroids, as well as menopausal symptoms like hot flashes, memory loss, reduced libido, mood swings and changes to skin, bones and muscles that result from hormonal shifts as women mature. Incorporating these techniques into their lives, women have an opportunity to blossom gracefully into their menopause years (or "Second Spring" as it is called in China!) 

For specific information on upcoming classes, Private Health Readings with Daisy, helping to set up a workshop, as well as the RLWQ Teacher Certification Training, visit  or email Daisy at

Dreaming Awake Guided Meditations

Have you checked out yet?  It's a pretty interesting experiment in building an online community and there are over 3,000 people who have already signed up as Members in the various Communities.  The Dreaming Awake Community provides Members with full access to Francesco's Guided Meditation audio recordings, the only place where they are available. One of these Guided Meditations are made Public so that you can stream it live to get a feel for these offerings. If you are interested, click here to learn more about Dreaming Awake and then click on the Content Listings and there you will see the free sample... but remember to log in first!

Remember to FIRST log into with:

Your Username:  %username%

...then after you are logged in, scroll down to the bottom left and if you are not a Member of Dreaming Awake, click to Join More Communites to find it and join...There are other communities there too... and more to come, so join as many as you like.  Enjoy and have fun meeting others who are working hard to "stay awake" in this wonderful Dreaming we call life...

Tax Deductible Donations and Trips

Thank you all who made your donation to Kahuna Valley.  We are grateful for your financial support to help keep our efforts to support challenged youth and families in Hawaii. Besides going into schools and offering free Qigong classes for teens, our latest work is incorporating a brainwave monitoring device that will help youth enhance their ability to focus and to bring their emotions into balance.  The students use the software to monitor their growth in many areas of their life and share important feelings and thoughts that teens so need to get out. We need funding to help acquire enough brainwave monitors so that there is one for every computer workstation at the school.  If you are feeling generous and would like to channel your taxes from the federal government to a worthy cause, we would be most grateful to accept your tax-deductible donation to Kahuna Valley, an IRS recognized tax-exempt organization and any monies that you donate to us will not only help support our work with at-risk youth here in Hawaii, but it will help you make a statement by choosing to put your monies to a good cause.

Learn about our tax-deductible donation options at

Thank you for your support and good energy... see you next issue... or in an upcoming class or Study Trip!!


Francesco Garri Garripoli

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