Breathe Deep Newsletter March 2015

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                                                             ISSUE 78 - March 2015

Welcome to the new generation of Breathe Deep, our e-newsletter now online at and sponsored by the non-profit Kahuna Valley organization that started in 1998 to help inspire you on the health benefits of Qigong and keep track of workshops and Qigong Study Trips with Francesco Garri Garripoli and Daisy Lee. With over 2,100 subscribers from a dozen countries, we are truly a global community that wishes to improve our health and experience our personal potential.  You are receiving this because you are a subscriber of Breathe Deep and with that, you now have new Membership access to the Breathe Deep Community at (see below for more info on that)

Table of Contents:

Message from Francesco

Qigong Study Trips 2015 Italy - Thailand - China

Organ Cleansing Qigong Instructor Certification
Daisy Lee - Radiant Lotus Qigong Workshops
Francesco's Qigong Classes on Kaua'i & Washington, DC
Qigong Practice Tip of the Month (Members Only)

Dreaming Awake Guided Meditations
WujiTech Personal Brainwave Feedback
Tax-Deductible Donations to Support our Youth Programs

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Message from Francesco

Aloha! We have recently passed the New Moon, the second after the Winter Solstice and the annual marker for Chinese New Year... so Happy New Year! I have been receiving lovely emails from my friends in China with their excitement and joy around this new year of "Yang" - which we may call Goat (or even Sheep as they are both acceptable.)  As for "predictions" or "tendencies," most of you know I take all of that energy with a "grain of salt"...a reference to the ancient Roman author Pliny the Elder's account of how the effect of poison can be lessened with a "grain of salt."  Salt (or "salis" in Latin) was also the word for "wit" so we may consider taking any prediction with a "grain of wit" and smile as we remember we are Dreaming each moment and influence the flow in ways more wonderful than we can imagine...

For many in the Northern Hemisphere, the Winter has been a tough one with the severe cold and storms. The photos that I received from my Mom and Dad today were no less than a Winter Wonderland right outside their home near New York City. In their 80s, they still are so ready to get out of the house and get involved in activities after being snowed in for so long.  If this is the “Yin” time of the year for you, I trust you are making time to use your “indoor” time for contemplation, creative expression, and inner/emotional healing, all harmonious Yin expressions.  It’s also a great time to go on a cleanse or a conscious dietary shift.  I just completed a great 10-day cleanse that worked really well for me (I’m happy to share if you are interested in the details) and it felt right to do that in this season.  If you are living in the Southern Hemisphere, you are fortunate to be enjoying the warmth of your “Yang” phase of the solar cycle, so that is more about movement, flow, and getting out and involved.

Here in Hawaii, we seem to be “between worlds” and for me, it is a tangible way to experience the “Yin within the Yang” and “Yang within the Yin.”  At this time of year we experience cold and rain, and then hot sunshine all during the same day. Of course no condition is fully Yin or fully Yang; these are dynamic expressions of complementary Qi flow.  To me, this gives us supreme empowerment to discover where we are in the flow, and then practice Qigong or some other form of energy work so that we can work with the flow and move into a state of awakened alignment.  You know I like to use the term “Dreaming Awake” as that puts the emphasis on a very flexible state of being that allows us to truly experience the limitless potential of this infinite Universe we are blessed to be in… Ahhh…

I hope you like this new look for Breathe Deep. I've delayed this issue as I've been working hard - and so has my software programming team - to make this a useful tool and fun to experience.  Remember, to access the full Breathe Deep Newsletter, you need Membership in the Breathe Deep Community at  If you are already a Member of this cool Community, thank you, and you will see what we have there (including this issue archived and soon all past and future issues archived)  If you are not yet a Member, a link will appear below letting you know that there is more Content and allowing you to join (it's free :))

Qigong Study Trips 2015 -  Italy - Thailand - China

Italy  -  June 1 - 10 (with an optional side trip June 10 - 14)
China  -  September 1 - 14
Thailand  -  September 17 - 29

Daisy and I hope you can take the opportunity to join us and study Qigong together in Italy, China, or Thailand this year.  If you feel that this is YOUR TIME to experience what over 600 people over the years who've come on our Trips have felt was a "life changing" journey, please read on and check out the awesome itineraries - we've made some changes so be sure to check out the latest versions online for Members Only at the Qigong Study Trip Community at

Click here to learn more and let us know you want to join

...but remember that if you are a Member of just log in and then just click on "Join More Communities" to join our Qigong Study Trip Community if you are not already!

Qigong Study & Healing Trip to Italy - June 1 - 10, 2015

In 2015 we have added a new and amazing Qigong Study Trip to my "homeland" of Italy.  Many people asked me about this for years, so after doing a lot of research there last June and July, I have come up with a very unique healing journey that will honor the ancient healing techniques of the Roman/Estruscan era in beautiful Tuscany as we learn Chinese Qigong.  Click here to view the wonderful itinerary  There is an optional 4-day extention to the main Trip going to Southern Italy and it will be amazing! This Trip is nearly full, but if you are interested, please let me know asap. Click here to send me a message

Qigong Study & Healing Trip to China - September 1 - 14, 2015

Daisy and I didn't lead a Trip to China in 2014 and many people have asked us to please lead another Qigong journey to Daisy's homeland... and the birthplace of Qigong. This empowering adventure is designed to transform and wake up our energetic potential... is it time for you to be among the first 15 people who sign up? We will be studying with the Master we featured on our "Qigong - Ancient Chinese Healing for the 21st Century" PBS documentary (and will also be staying at his clinic where I Iived 20 years ago - to receive daily Medical Qigong energy treatments.) After a week at the Beijing clinic, we take the train to China's home of Traditional Medicine and will study the Five Animal Frolics from a Master there.  Several people joining this year have been on this Trip before, so they know the empowering aspects of our itinerary and the unique opportunity that studying with a reknown Chinese Qigong Master is.  Click here to view this exciting itinerary

Qigong Study & Healing Trip to Thailand September 17 - 29, 2015

This Trip is a joyful and healing one for me and Daisy to work with a small group in an intimate and empowering way. On this Trip to Thailand, we focus on only two locations; one Buddhist and one Taoist, each providing their unique focus - one spirituality and the other on physical health respectively. Secondly, this Trip is focused on daily health treatments that are "medical" in nature, so it is great for focusing on healing and rejuvenating along with our daily Qigong classes.  As one of our Trip Alumni (this will be his fifth time coming with his wife!) says, "This Trip is my annual physical."  The treatments are stellar and having dark field blood microscopy done to actually see how daily Qigong training and treatments affect you on a physiological level is fabulous.  Click here to check out the newly updated itinerary

Several people have been asking me about leading another Trip to mystical Bhutan as the last group I brought there had such an amazing time.  After doing a bunch of research, I am considering this at the end of September 2016 and we will have the Bhutanese Rimpoche that I sponsored at the request of the Royal Family many years ago as our guide.  Make sure you are a Member of the Qigong Trip Community as I will be keeping everyone updated that way.

I am honored by the hundreds of people who have joined our new online community which helps us manage our Qigong Study & Healing Trips. That link above will take you to the service I created on where you can sign up to be informed about our Qigong Study & Healing Trips to Asia and Italy.  As a free Member, we will keep everyone informed and you can access our itineraries as they become available.  We think you'll like the service which is growing over time - so please help that happen by blogging and taking our surveys. I'd love to see blogs by those who have been on our Qigong Study & Healing Trips in the past! post your thoughts and experiences on our Blog

Please join our online to learn more about these empowering journeys... and access the enticing itineraries or to Blog and to see if this is the time for you to go deeper into your personal healing and empowerment...

Whether it is to develop your own personal skills or to strengthen your healthcare professional offerings (we do provide Certificates of Completion for the training hours you receive), these trips give you something that others can sense once you return... and since our trips are fund raisers for our non-profit Kahuna Valley organization, 60% of your cost is totally tax deductible, sanctioned by the IRS - so take advantage of this saving too.

Organ Cleansing Qigong Instructor Certification

Daisy and I will be offering our 7th Organ Cleansing Qigong Instructor Certification Workshop in Northern Virgina, just outside of Washington, D.C. May 8 - 10 and sponsored by the wonderful Peaceable Dragon organization. Over 100 Instructors have been Certified to date, though we have taken this process very seriously and slowly over the years to really ensure that we can support those interested in teaching this empowering form officially known as "Zhang Fu Gong - Organ Cleansing & Strengthening Qigong."  We are honored and proud of the Instructors who have been Certified to date, especially knowing that so many are teaching in hospitals and clinics around the world bringing Qigong to those who can benefit. There are prerequisites if you are interested in becoming an Instructor, but we are taking reservations on a space-available basis in this workshop limited to 18 people, for those who wish to learn for their own personal development and not to necessarily teach.  Please click here to take the Registration Assessment so we can learn of your interest and get back to you on this empowering opportunity.

Daisy Lee - Radiant Lotus Qigong Workshops

For all of you following Daisy, (if you can!) she is preparing for a busy 2015, just finishing up workshops in Canada and now back in the U.S.  Check out Daisy's website to learn more about her upcoming classes... Which include Colorado, Northern Virginia, Connecticut, and Maryland.

If you are not yet her Friend on Facebook, be sure to follow Daisy... and if you request to Friend her, be sure to write a personal note to say that you are a Breathe Deep reader so that she will accept.  (That works for Liking our Wuji Productions FB Page too :))  Daisy always talks about how supported she feels by so many who are attending her workshops and private healing sessions. Thank you!  Be sure to visit Daisy's Calendar Page on

The RLQ program is an empowering Qigong that can help to prevent as well as treat numerous health conditions unique to women such as menstrual cramping, low back pain, breast tenderness, tumors, cysts or fibroids, as well as menopausal symptoms like hot flashes, memory loss, reduced libido, mood swings and changes to skin, bones and muscles that result from hormonal shifts as women mature. Incorporating these techniques into their lives, women have an opportunity to blossom gracefully into their menopause years (or "Second Spring" as it is called in China!) 

For specific information on upcoming classes, Private Health Readings with Daisy, helping to set up a workshop, as well as the RLWQ Teacher Certification Training, visit  or email Daisy at

Francesco's Qigong Classes on Kaua'i and near Washington, DC

Thank you to everyone who attended my Qigong workshops around the world last year - including Belgium, France, Poland, Italy, Thailand, Bali, Australia, and Kaua'i.  It is my honor to meet such great and sincere people and share this beautiful personal empowerment practice we know as Qigong.

I am now teaching Sunday Morning Qigong Classes on Kaua'i at our magical Kahuna Valley Retreat. These classes are filled with heartfelt souls representing locals from the island as well as visitors to Kaua'i who drop in during their holiday. The Calendar on has the updated class schedule if you ever wish to see it. 

The weekend after Daisy and I teach our Organ Cleansing Instructor Certification, I will be offering an introductory evening Qigong class on May 13th and then an all-day Qigong Workshop on Saturday May 16th, both in Northern Virginia and kindly sponsored by the Peaceable Dragon organization.  Click here to send an email to get the flyers

Of course if you want to go deep into your practice, Qigong immersion on our Qigong Study & Healing Trips is a fabulous way to take your personal practice to a new level as we teach two classes each day on these healing journeys...

Please click here if you would like more info on Classes or Trips

Dreaming Awake Guided Meditations

Have you checked out yet?  It's a pretty interesting experiment in building an online community and there are over 3,000 people who have already signed up as Members in the various Communities.  The Dreaming Awake Community provides Members with full access to Francesco's Guided Meditation audio recordings, the only place where they are available. One of these Guided Meditations are made Public so that you can stream it live to get a feel for these offerings. If you are interested, click here to learn more about Dreaming Awake and then click on the Content Listings and there you will see the free sample... but remember to log in first!

Remember to FIRST log into with your Username and Password... and if you don't have one, thank you for signing up.

...then after you are logged in, scroll down to the bottom left and if you are not a Member of Dreaming Awake, click to Join More Communites to find it and join... and use your Promo Code in the payment process for the discount as my gift of gratitude!  If you are already a Member, just log in and click on My Membership Accounts and use the Promo Code to Upgrade your account.

There are other communities there too... and more to come, so join as many as you like.  Enjoy and have fun meeting others who are working hard to "stay awake" in this wonderful Dreaming we call life...

Tax Deductible Donations and Trips

Thank you all who made your donation to Kahuna Valley.  We are grateful for your financial support to help keep our efforts to support challenged youth and families in Hawaii. Besides going into schools and offering free Qigong classes for teens, our latest work is incorporating a brainwave monitoring device that will help youth enhance their ability to focus and to bring their emotions into balance.  The students use the software to monitor their growth in many areas of their life and share important feelings and thoughts that teens so need to get out. We need funding to help acquire enough brainwave monitors so that there is one for every computer workstation at the school.  If you are feeling generous and would like to channel your taxes from the federal government to a worthy cause, we would be most grateful to accept your tax-deductible donation to Kahuna Valley, an IRS recognized tax-exempt organization and any monies that you donate to us will not only help support our work with at-risk youth here in Hawaii, but it will help you make a statement by choosing to put your monies to a good cause.

Learn about our tax-deductible donation options at

Thank you for your support and good energy... see you next issue... or in an upcoming class or Study Trip!!


Francesco Garri Garripoli

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