Community Building Guide Map

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Let's bring community together!


The Common Ground Kauai’s vision is to bring people together... Gathering in ONE dream, in ONE heart, this is a fundamental to the health of the community... As weaving this dreaming as ONE, this will strengthen the community at large. 

We want to see who stands up for what they believe in and build structure around these desires to inspire others... 

Through this community event gathering circle, we invite you to express your creativity, love, passion, support and by being you as a part of the community, how we all together shift a consciousness to bring freedom and abundance in our life...

We are here to explore and share our love to enrich life itself...

May this Community Building Guide Map inspire you to take action...We welcome you with wide open heart!


Guide Map

1) Be a part of the Community by signing up at link here...this gifts you a ticket for an event which you would like to attend at the Common Ground Kaua`i.


2) Dive in deeper by taking a survey here...this allows you to explore how power of love shifts a consciousness of money itself and open a portal of abundance.


3) Let's find out what is happening at the Common Ground Kaua`i... click here and view Event Calendar.


4) We would love to hear from you!... click here and post your messages in the Common Ground Kaua`i BLOG.


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