Costa Rica Qigong + Yoga Retreat

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Costa Rica Qigong & Yoga Retreat - 26 February - 5 March 2017

"Qi Meets Prana"

This workshop retreat focuses on self-empowerment and brings a joyful and transformative approach to Qigong Energy Healing and Yoga for your personal practice.

All levels are welcome - from beginners to experienced practitioners.

Does your personal practice already include a mix of Yoga and Qigong (as it does for group leader Francesco Garri Garripoli) or are you curious about how these two powerful healing and transformational systems can work together? 

If so, this retreat is for you.

Set in the warm and magical jungle of Costa Rica at the beautiful Solfeggio Retreat Sanctuary, this journey will take you deep into the practices of both Qigong and Yoga, exploring breathing exercises, gentle stretching, and meditative visualizations that will help you take your personal practice to a new and transformed level.


Our day-by-day itinerary shows you the loving intention our team has put into your journey, with daily practice blending Yoga and Qigong, two personal massage treatments, and exciting adventures into the local villages and jungle.

Our exciting itinerary is available for Members of this Community and will appear as a downloadable file below when you are logged in as a Member at the upper right... and if you are not yet a free Member, please click the Study Trip link below if you don't see the itinerary.

...or click here to contact us

Thank you... and we look forward to sharing this wonderful and empowering journey with you.

Costa Rica Qigong + Yoga Study Trip Deposit

Price: $1,500.00
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