Thailand Qigong & Yoga Longevity Trip 2018 with Francesco Garripoli and Ambikha Devi

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The exciting 2018 Thailand Qigong, Yoga, Breathing Practice & Healing Trip is set for 9 - 20 September - Trip Focus: Personal Longevity and Rejuvenation Treatments & Practice with Francesco Garri Garripoli and Ambikha Devi

This trip to Thailand is our only one to this amazing country that we offer in 2017… and we hope that it will inspire you to join us - or maybe you are interested in one of our other magical journeys to Bhutan, Italy, Greece, or Australia.

Please review our Thailand Itinerary below (for Members Only) and see if it inspires you.  It is very detailed, giving you – as with all the itineraries we create – a day-by-day overview of the adventure.  But words can barely describe what takes place on these healing journeys.  We’ve taken over 700 travelers on these trips since 1996 – and typically 20 ~ 25% of each limited-size trip are returning “alumni”… That makes us most happy actually.  These trips are life-redirecting… they are designed to combine Qigong instruction with deep personal transformation, cleansing, and daily healing treatments in a rich, culturally meaningful context.

So please read on and breathe deep… Dream into the possibilities of living your life to the fullest and gifting yourself with a journey to beautiful Thailand, a journey deep into healing, detoxing, personal empowerment... exploring your potential... Daily Qigong, Yoga, and Breathing instruction offered by group guides Francesco and Ambikha.

Note that our Trip Itineraries are only available to Members - which is free - so make sure you are logged in as a Member... log in or sign up below or in the upper right and Join our Qigong Study Trip Community to download the itinerary (which will appear below as long as you are logged in as a Member of this Community) and receive pre-release notices... or click here to contact us directly  Thanks!

Thailand Qigong & Yoga Longevity and Rejuvenation Trip 2018 Deposit Payment

Price: $1,500.00
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