Bhutan qigong & yoga trip - march-april 2018

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Kuzuzangpo la! This is the Bhutanese greeting and my welcome to you to come on our next amazing journey to this magical country high in the Himalayas.  Ambikha and I are honored to lead this annual Trip where we take our Qigong and Yoga practice deeper in the prana-filled air of these beautiful mountains.  Our Trip's profits all go to support the Sewala Monastery in Bhutan, so come and visit this unique kingdom and help support 98 monks all doing important spiritual work.  Learn more at:


Francesco Garripoli 09/26/2018
Thank you everyone who came on this amazing journey to the Kingdom of Bhutan and helped to support the Rimpoche and monks at Sewala Monastery. We look forward to the 2019 Retreat in March. Learn more about our March 2019 Retreat to Bhutan by visiting this page:
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