Qigong study trip to thailand 2015 itinerary now available!

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Sawasdee krup! This is the Thai welcome that feels so good to say (and hear) when you are in beautiful Thailand.  I have been leading Qigong Study & Healing Trips to Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand for many years now and this year, 2015, will be a fabulous one.  Daisy Lee, my teaching partner, will be with us on this year's Trip, teaching as I will each day - a morning Qigong class and an afternoon class... with an evening Guided Meditation (check out our Dreaming Awake Community to get a taste of them :)) These Trips are awesome as you receive two or more treatments each day... I love it as much as our participants do... many say it is the best "detox" and rejuvenation protocol they've ever experienced... I'd agree.  Click here to learn more and check out the daily itineary.  I hope to share this experience with you... it's a great gift to give yourself.  Peace... Francesco


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