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submitted by: CurtisM on 05/11/2015


submitted by: CurtisM on 05/11/2015

Harmonic Origin

submitted by: CurtisM on 05/11/2015
  There is no person who has ever lived,     no president or pope or prisoner, no tough guy or         starving child, lovers on a hill or soldier at post,       who has not gazed up into the night sky and wondered . . .     Bejeweled darkness hums and alights...

Hollywood New Ride

submitted by: CurtisM on 05/11/2015
  NEW RIDE   Lunch at the Hamburger Hamlet on the Strip, doesn’t get much better than this. Hot blue sun in a yellow sky, sparkling cars and cuties cruising by. Billy finds us a platter-size table on the rail, which means outside next to the narrow sidewalk about two feet below. Up the boulevard walks Davy Jones (no, not the Monkee...

Jaguar Quantum Space

submitted by: admin on 08/13/2015
Rising up from the limestone sub-strata, engulfed by the tangled beauty of Yucatan and Guatemalan jungle are thousands of ancient Maya stone buildings. In the latter part of the 20th century and into the 21st, the purposes and sublime meanings of these monuments have been, by gradual and sudden revelation, discerned to a degree whereby they can be seen to embody...

Morning Felonies

submitted by: CurtisM on 10/09/2016
    Morning Felonies   Patrick was outside lifting the window murmuring imagery climbing in while i stirred my tea reading “Our Lady of the Flowers”. morning warmed the dark. The bed was right under the window so he had to tumble across his girlfriend who’d spent the night and was still mostly asleep cursing...

Morrison NUNS

submitted by: CurtisM on 05/11/2015
Patrick calls about 6, which is right after dinner at Wayside Correctional where the high desert meets the Sierras. he’s finishing up a 6 month stretch for burglary. Patrick is a junkie and a thief, but he only robs his friends, many of whom are wealthy and live in Hollywood and points west. They’re cutting him loose at dawn, the usual time, at New...

Noozine Community Content Listing

submitted by: admin on 11/18/2016
Welcome to the Content Listing page for our Noozine Community ...and here you will find our growing list of articles, e-books, and musings... and you can always type in a Keyword in the "Library Search" field in the upper right of the screen to search for "noozine" stuff as well... Keep returning as we do our best to add new material all...

Quantum Blues and the Lotus Sutra

submitted by: CurtisM on 05/11/2015
Quantum Blues and the Lotus Sutra     In the late ‘60s I heard about the Buddhist Lotus Sutra from the chanting nam-myoho-renge-kyo folks plying their proselytizing on Sunset Strip. The sutra was obliquely referenced in their pitch adding a patina of mystique and legitimacy to a straight ahead motivational message. Tough sell in those...

Screams from Zombie Stars

submitted by: CurtisM on 05/11/2015
Here’s an update on the fate of the galaxy so as to distract you from all that moronic drivel on FaceBook.   Seems the super-massive black hole galactic center, you know, from the 2012 Maya Calendar fame, is howling and glowing as it munches on dying stars.    Hey, i’m not making this shit up:   Nasa Report   Figuring...

What's a Yotta?

submitted by: CurtisM on 05/11/2015
What’s a Yotta?   The amount of solar energy striking the earth in one year. Yeah, that’s a lot of energy. A neutrino is considered to be the tiniest piece of reality existing, has no electric charge and, even on the scale of itty-bitty sub-atomic particles, almost no energy/mass at all. They are so substance-less that trillions of them...