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submitted by: admin on 03/19/2019
  How awake are we?   Action in this moment  weaves next moment of the dreaming...   Feeling in the now reflects next now of the eternal now...   There is nothing to manifest... infinite possibilities of infinite dreaming are already here and now...   In the void we open the portal...

5 Brainwaves

submitted by: admin on 03/19/2019
Brainwave frequencies are grouped together into bands: delta, theta, alpha, beta and gamma.  Here is a list of five groups of brainwave frequencies and how the mental states and functions associated with each group.   The 5 brainwave frequencies  

A Chapter from Solala's book, Homeplace

submitted by: admin on 02/01/2015

A Conduit or Container?

submitted by: admin on 01/10/2015
Conduit vs Container   I believe that the underlying concepts and belief systems that we hold about life affect everything from the way a technique works to the actual physics involved in any action. The things we do in life do not stand alone.  There are no fixed rules that allow something to simply "happen" in an independent way. ...

A Daoist View of Enlightenment

submitted by: admin on 03/19/2019

A gift of life

submitted by: admin on 03/19/2019
Life has a most curious way of guiding us to the "healing" we require... which from my experience exists on so many levels... I just received an amazing email from an 80-year-old physician who just learned about our Qigong a few weeks ago. At that time he was in a worsening state of health and mobility that just seemed to be getting worse - and...

A Moment of Magic

submitted by: admin on 03/19/2019
  A stepping in to a moment of magic...where space and time desolve into the Dreaming field... Even Mind/Ego/fear belief has no crue why I am here... A cafe...where the Dreamig reveals her truth...   We are energy... Everything is energy...   When allowing my energy filed to blend in this Cafe energy field...without...

A Taoist Master's Search for his Chinese Ancestry

submitted by: admin on 03/19/2019

A Western Daoist Manifesto

submitted by: admin on 03/19/2019

Abode of the Eternal Dao: Contents

submitted by: admin on 05/29/2017
Our Abode of the Eternal Dao Community Table of Contents   (you can always type a Keyword or Name into the upper right Library Search box too!)   Winter 2016 issue of The Empty Vessel Fall 2015 issue of The Empty Vessel Summer 2015 issue of The Empty Vessel WINTER...


submitted by: admin on 03/19/2019
  Acceptance, what a trip! The core of so much of our angst... accepting new things can be tough for us.  ...we get so used to the way things have been... and get a false sense of security for this seeming stability. The Tao Te Ching talks of everything being in a state of constant change. Even things that seem solid are not what...

Acceptance of Individuality

submitted by: admin on 03/19/2019
  everyone chooses how to feel and become one with the heart... some goes out explore the outer world... some goes in explore the inner world... accept and allow my choice accept and allow your chice we are all coming from the same space... a place of one heart... samelight samelove in gratitude and grace...

Action and Inaction

submitted by: admin on 03/19/2019
(from the Breathe Deep Qigong eNewsletter, August 2005)   ...With hurricane Katrina keeping us acutely aware of nature’s awesome power, many people are homeless, facing devastating challenges, and some have lost their loved ones. May we all hold healing intention for those who are in these situations. Understanding Qigong’s principles...


submitted by: CurtisM on 05/11/2015

Alpha brainwave

submitted by: admin on 03/19/2019
What are Alpha Brain Waves? Alpha Brain Waves are brain waves within the documented frequency range of 8 Hz to 12 Hz on an E.E.G. and were the first brainwave frequency range to be discovered.  In 1908, an Austrian research psychiatrist was the first individual to find “brain waves.”  He happened to have found the range of...

Ambikha Devi

submitted by: admin on 12/13/2017
Ambikha Devi Ambikha Devi is an internationally recognized Yoga instructor with a Master's Degree In Yogic Science from Manonmaniam Sundarar University, Tamil Nadu, India.  After years of training at the gym and doing outdoor sports, Ambikha discovered yoga in 2002. This was the beginning of a journey where she could finally find a way to access...

An Interview with Gia-fu Feng

submitted by: admin on 03/19/2019


submitted by: admin on 03/19/2019
  Being Awake means not staying cool allways...   Being Awake is allowing to FEEL everything...   Being Awake is accepting our imperfection as perfection...   Being Awake is choosing Gratitude...   Being Awake is accept, allow, forgive and love who we are...   Being Awake is to be truthful...

Bali Qigong Study & Healing Trip in April and October 2014 with Francesco

submitted by: admin on 03/19/2019
Bali Qigong Study & Healing Trip in April and October 2014 with Francesco These unique Qigong Healing Trips are a creative deviation from those I have designed over the 15+ years of leading over 500 people to Asia on journeys of transformation.  We are weaving the wisdom of ancient China with the healing magic of Bali and the spirit of her people...


submitted by: CurtisM on 05/11/2015