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Shamanic Journey Series / Video 1 of 3

submitted by: admin on 01/24/2015
This is the first in a series of three vidios with indepth instruction on the Shamanic video. It shows the viewer how to safely access the shamanic realm to recieve accurate and helpful information for healing, guidance and self enhansment. The other videos in this series build on this fundimental skill. Below is the first of three videos giving instruction...

Shamanic Journey Series / Video 2 of 3

submitted by: admin on 04/25/2019
In this video we learn to create The Wheel Of Power. It is a construct of protection and guidence that gives quick access to ones wisdom keepers and power animals! This is the second level of building power in the shamanic realm!     In the same way that King Aurther had his Knights of the Round Table you will create a Wheel of Power that holds...

Shamanic Journey Series / Video 3 of 3

submitted by: admin on 04/25/2019
In this third and final video in the Shamanic Journey Series we explore the technique of Power Animal Retrieval. By learning how to restore power, we are able to overcome illness and problematic patterns that may have hindered us for years! From the shamanic point of view, illness and chronic, unhelpful conditions are caused by power loss. By restoring power...