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How much time does it take to Qigong?

submitted by: admin on 01/10/2015
Does that make you smile?  I hope so... It's like asking, how long does it take to become a Qigong Master?   In China, no one would EVER call themselves a "Master"... it is bestowed upon you by peers... Nowadays the term is used way too loosely... Anyway, Qigong isn't about "time"... I know people who spend hours...

Is It All Right To Practice Tai Chi And Qigong Together?

submitted by: admin on 04/25/2019
As Tai Chi is simply a "style" of Qigong for all intents and purposes (the Yang Style being a formalized Qigong style practiced secretly for generations by the Yang family in China) then I see no issue with complementing one's Tai Chi practice with Qigong. Several of the Masters that I studied with in China practice both Tai Chi and Qigong as...

The Empty Vessel Summer 2011

submitted by: admin on 04/25/2019
The Empty Vessel: The Journal of Daoist Philosophy and Practice   Here is a sample copy of our journal. Hope you like it! To see future issues you will need to become a premier member.